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[DTC POD Ep. 26] – Tracking Influencer and Affiliate Marketing

Podcast | Trend | July 8th 2020


The skinny on tracking your influencer marketing ROI

In this episode, Jay is joined by guest Michael Cole, VP of Marketing at Everflow.

Everflow is a partner marketing platform that helps businesses track results from partnerships through clickless tracking and offers real-time analytics.

Businesses doing influencer marketing are receiving a 6x ROI.

Ever heard that before?

Many businesses have, and haven’t found quite the success they expected when trying influencer and affiliate marketing on their own.

One of the biggest reasons why is because of failed attribution.

Although influencer and affiliate marketing can help thrust your brand into the spotlight, having good tracking can help ensure a successful campaign.

We’ll discuss why influencer and affiliate marketing should be a part of your marketing spend.

We’ll also talk about how to properly attribute influencer and affiliate marketing, and how you can do it on your own. 

To learn more about Michael’s company, Everflow, visit:

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