BLOG | July 2nd 2020

[DTC POD Ep. 25] – MarketerHire's Suggestions For Finding the Right Person to Run Paid Social


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Here's how to run your paid social better

In this episode, Jay and Ramon are joined by guest Evan Rallis, Marketing Product Manager at MarketerHire.

MarketerHire is a premium marketer network that helps connect expert freelance marketers with businesses quickly and seamlessly.

Finding success in marketing, especially ad campaigns can be a daunting task for eCommerce brands.

As a result, some brands are turning to freelance marketers who are experts in paid social to help make their ads overperform, scale, and generate a ton of revenue for their business.

But what type of person should you use to run your ads?

Should it be in-house, should it be a freelancer, should it be an agency or should you hire someone fulltime? Also, should the person in charge of ads change depending on the stage of your business?

We’ll discuss who would be the best person to run your ads depending on which stage of the business you are in.

We’ll also go in-depth on how you can get your ads to perform better and what you can do to scale ads and revenue with a small budget. 

To learn more about Evan’s company, MarketerHire, visit:

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