BLOG | June 18th 2020

[DTC POD Ep. 23] – Do You Need Rights From Influencers To Use Their Content?


Social platforms are slowly allowing creators to monetize their work natively, what's next?

In this episode, Jay discusses how influencers are starting to gain more power over monetizing their content.

In the early days of influencers, creators were left to fend for themselves to monetize their content. 

Social platforms ran ads but none of that money went to creators. So influencers had to sell themselves to brands, or create their way to monetize using tools like Patreon, their own merch, etc.

Now we are starting to see a shift in the creator economy with platforms starting to share some of their revenue with creators.

YouTube was the first to do so and now Instagram says it will share revenue through IGTV ads.

We’re also seeing Instagram look into post embeds and discussing whether publishers will need to seek approval from creators before embedding content.

We’ll discuss how these changes will impact the creator economy for both influencers and brands. We’ll also look at why it’s going to be more important than ever for brands to acquire licensing rights to content, and how they can do so.

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