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[DTC POD Ep. 15] – What Coronavirus Actually Means for Influencer Marketing and Influencers

Podcast | Trend | May 1st 2020


Brand deals for influencers are drying up. Will the influencer industry die off?

In this episode, Jay and Ramon discuss the potential end of the influencer era. Or at least that’s what everyone’s calling it.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many brands are holding their wallets tight. As a result, some influencers are finding it increasingly difficult to find partnerships and brand deals.

A few writers are now referring to deals drying up as a sign that the influencer era may be coming to an end.

With an increasingly difficult ability to create content in different locations, and brands putting less into influencer marketing, many are asking what does the future of the industry look like?

Are some influencers being hit harder than ever? If so, who are they?

We’ll discuss how the influencer marketing industry is evolving right before our eyes and what both brands and influencers can expect as a result of world events occurring.

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