BLOG | May 13th 2020

[DTC POD Ep. 17] – How to Make Your First eCommerce Sale


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Starting an online store? We have some recommendations on where to spend your dollars.

In this episode, Jay and Ramon discuss how you can set up your eCommerce store and make your first sale.

Despite current events, eCommerce is at an all-time high. Shopify is reporting record earnings while web hosting companies like GoDaddy are seeing the same.

Since consumers can’t shop in-store as easily as they could before, they are now turning to online shopping to get purchase products.

That’s creating a huge opportunity for brands to capture new customers by going digital.

We’ll discuss how you can set up your online store, plus give you some tips as to where you should spend your first dollars, especially if you’re on a budget. We’ll also dive into what first time online stores can do to help win customer trust.

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