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[DTC POD Ep. 3] – Casper's Mattress Brand Was Built on Influencers, Will It Mean Success For Their IPO?

Podcast | Trend | February 12th 2020


Let’s talk about Casper’s IPO and how they built a brand valued at $1 billion

In this episode, Jay and Ramon discuss Casper’s IPO launch and how it’s been built on influencers.

Casper is the first company to mention in their S-1 filing that influencers adversely affect the brand and subject them to penalties.

They are also the most recent money-losing “unicorn” to go public. We’ve seen it with Uber and Lyft, both of which haven’t gone so well.

It’s incredible that Casper reached a $1 billion valuation, sometimes selling themselves as a tech company with an app, podcast ads, and more.

How will they fare in the public market though?

As of this podcast publishing, Casper’s stock has already dropped almost 20% from its initial list price.

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