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Set up a free campaign to collect real applications from talented creators eager to work with your brand. Only pay $100 for the creators you want to work with. No software fees, contracts, or set up fees.

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Work with creators with between 5,000 and 150,000 Instagram followers. Each creator will deliver: 1 custom photo or video & 1 post on Instagram.

$0 Software Fees

Never pay any software or start up fees. Plus, no contracts or monthly charges. Pay for what you want, when you want it.

1 Instagram post & piece of HD content (image, video, or story)

Creator payment covered by Trend. No creator negotiations. No extra fees, no contracts, no subscriptions.

Vetted quality creators in multiple categories across the United States (food, beverage, beauty, fashion, and CPG)

100% rights to own & repurpose all content

Filter creators by engagement rate, follower count, age, state, and gender

Set up multiple campaigns for your products or brands

Post on Instagram accounts included as a bonus

Campaign manager to assist along the way

7-day money back guarantee. No questions asked.

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Our hand-picked creator network has been built on the values of high quality content creation and verified engagement.

We're solving the industry's problems

Expensive Influencer price negotiations!

How can I set a monthly budget for influencer marketing and get consistent results?

Why should I have to sign up for a long-term contract?

How can I get rights to the content?

Managing partnerships through email is so time consuming

I've been burned by low-quality influencers

How do I get an ROI on influencer marketing?

Answers to some questions you may have

How is Trend different from other platforms?

Trend has $0 in software fees, 0 contracts, and is $0 in subscriptions. All creator payments have been pre-negotiated so you don't have to worry about that. You pay us, we pay the influencers. We are an invite-only marketplace with a pay as you go model.

How do I know the quality of your network?

Trend’s team already vets out each creator that applies to the network for you. Our screening process is heavily thorough and only allows in the best creators. When you create your first listing within Trend you will be able to see the influencers that apply and select the ones that meet your standards for your campaign.

What are the requirements for you to approve creators?

Trend’s creators have to be located in the United States and they must have anywhere from 3,000 to 150,000 followers - at least 3% engagement rate and most importantly create content that we know will perform.

Are there any fees outside of paying for credits?

Nope - nada. No extra fees - no negotiations

What kind of creators are on the platform?

We have two kinds of creators in our network, Standard and VIP. Standard creators have anywhere from 3,000 to 50,000 Instagram followers and VIP’s have anywhere from 50,000 to 150,000 followers. Both sets of creators are chosen to join our network because of their ability to produce amazing content. VIP creators cost 2 credits while Standard creators cost 1 credit.

Do I need to send product to the creators?

Yes, you must send the product to the influencers in order for them to create content with it.

What does a credit get me?

For one credit you get one Instagram post or one Instagram Story plus you get the high-resolution content with distribution and licensing rights. Moreover, if you give over $175 worth of product you can ask for a post and an Instagram story or two posts.

How does Trend make money?

We take a cut out of every credit purchased by brands in our marketplace.

Are there any penalty fees, contracts, software fees, subscriptions, or commitments?

Nope, we’re different than those guys over there - credits are the only thing you pay for :)

Why is Trend's network more valuable than a database?

Databases are junk and fluff, they essentially scrape Instagram to give you the same information Instagram has and worst of all the influencers don’t even know they’re part of that database. Being in our network means that these are our own users of our iOS app who have filled out their information via Trend and communicate directly with you through the platform via their iOS app - no stats or information is guessed :)

How will I know this will work for my brand?

Give it a try! It’s free to create a campaign and see real applications before deciding to move forward with us.

What industries do you work with?

Beauty, Fashion, Food, Beverage, Travel, and Retail

Can I select influencers from specific industries?

Sure you can, when you create a listing in the platform you can filter for the listing to appear to influencers in specific states within the US, specific industries, and even filter their gender.

Do you track engagement rate?

Yes - when you filter through applications you will see each applicant’s engagement rate

Do I have licensing rights to the images?

You receive full licensing and distribution rights - whether it's a video or an image you get to download the high-resolution MP4 or JPEG file for you to reuse anywhere online or offline at no additional cost.

How many creators are in your network?

We only let creators into the network as our brand side of the platform grows - know you will get enough applications of high-quality creators to filter through. Right now we are at over 5,000 active creators.

Can I search for creators?

No, that process is extremely time consuming and not authentic. Trend has flipped the script by making it so brands save time - not have to negotiate - work with influencers who are genuinely interested in their campaign and have applied to it.

Where are your creators located?

All of our creators are located nationwide within the US. If you’re doing a state-focused campaign you can filter influencers per state

What happens if a creator doesn’t post?

Stolen product, creators ghosting brands, and not responding back - sounds unfamiliar to Trend. Trend’s creators get rated by brands on their professionalism, communication, and content quality. Moreover, they only get paid after you’ve approved their post and content. These are the benefits of a network and this is how we ensure that your campaign will be successful. Our creators are also required to post within 7 days of receiving the product - if your post doesn’t go up within 4 weeks after that we reimburse your credit.

What is the timeline for a campaign?

Your first campaign within Trend will take anywhere from 3-4 weeks to get completed. Onboarding happens fast, after that, it is ultimately up to you how fast you approve influencers and ship products. Once the creators receive products they have 7 days to post.

Can I work with the same creator more than once?

Sure you can :)

Web or iOS?

Trend has a native iOS app for the creators - brands have a web app and an iOS app.

How do I communicate with the creators?

All messaging happens through the platform no need for emails, or DMs Ahhh.. the beauty of a network :)

What are the next steps and what happens after I sign up?

After you sign up you will be instantly connected with your account manager who will jump on an onboarding call with you, help you get set up and will always be available to assist you via Live Chat.

What happens if I don't like the content?

You can reject it - if the content does not meet the guidelines, you have the right to reject the content and message the influencer to indicate what was wrong with the content. The creator will then have to resubmit the content.

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