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Trend and MOON Ultra partnered to generate over 380K impressions and help MOON’s product launch go viral.


Trend and Kalumi Beauty partnered to create content for their entire product lifecycle from unboxing, to product use, to reviews.


Trend and J.W. Hulme partnered to create user-generated content for every season

BLOG | July 1st 2020

Social Commerce Examples & 4 Tips To Ditch The eCommerce Sales Blues

BLOG | June 25th 2020

[The Trend Podcast Ep. 24] – How to Grow As a Creator

BLOG | June 24th 2020

Youtube Shoppable Ads: Is it War on Instagram Live Shopping?


Trend and Kettle + Fire partnered to breathe new life into their Facebook ads and improve return on ad spend


Trend and Snap Kitchen partnered to target over 115k Instagram accounts and generate buzz for their new Superfood Sunrise Salad

BLOG | June 24th 2020

Need Visuals? 8 Go-To Content Creation Companies For Brands

BLOG | June 18th 2020

[The Trend Podcast Ep. 23] – How Much Power Should Influencers Have Over Monetizing Their Content

BLOG | June 17th 2020

6 Tips For DTC Brands To Crush Brand Awareness Campaigns

BLOG | June 10th 2020

[The Trend Podcast Ep. 22] – How to Get More Content

BLOG | June 10th 2020

Need Brand Loyalty? Influencer Marketing Has You Covered

BLOG | June 9th 2020

Trend & Yotpo Setup Guide

BLOG | June 9th 2020

Trend Launches Yotpo Integration to Help Brands Share More User-Generated Content

BLOG | June 3rd 2020

The Complete Guide to Influencer Networks

BLOG | May 28th 2020

[The Trend Podcast Ep. 21] – A Peak at eCommerce in China

BLOG | May 27th 2020

[The Trend Podcast Ep. 20] – How Facebook Shops Will Impact eCommerce and Influencer Marketing

BLOG | May 27th 2020

Influencer Marketing Platforms Vs Influencer Marketing Agencies

BLOG | May 22nd 2020

Facebook Shops is Here: Everything You Need to Know + How to Start Selling

BLOG | May 22nd 2020

[The Trend Podcast Ep. 19] – How to Grow Your Brand Without Facebook Ads

BLOG | May 20th 2020

[The Trend Podcast Ep. 18] – Influencer Marketing Optimization - Landing Pages

BLOG | May 20th 2020

3 Ways To Create And Use Branded Content For Sales

BLOG | May 14th 2020

Free ROAS Calculator and Facebook Ad Analysis

BLOG | May 13th 2020

[The Trend Podcast Ep. 17] – How to Make Your First eCommerce Sale

BLOG | May 13th 2020

3 Tested Influencer Relationship Management Tips

BLOG | May 7th 2020

[The Trend Podcast Ep. 16] – Influencer Relationship Management

BLOG | May 6th 2020

How Mizzen+Main Won DTC Marketing With Micro-Influencers

BLOG | May 1st 2020

[The Trend Podcast Ep. 15] – End of the Influencer Era?

BLOG | April 30th 2020

5 Micro-Influencer Tips For Direct To Consumer Brands

BLOG | April 22nd 2020

[The Trend Podcast Ep. 14] – Ask These Questions Before Buying an Influencer Marketing Platform

BLOG | April 21st 2020

3 Steps To Scale Instagram Promotions With Micro-Influencers

BLOG | April 17th 2020

[The Trend Podcast Ep. 13] – Creating Influencer Marketing Campaigns That Work

BLOG | April 15th 2020

4 Reasons To Steer Clear Of Influencer Databases

BLOG | April 9th 2020

[The Trend Podcast Ep. 12] – Influencers vs Content Creators vs Content Studios

BLOG | April 7th 2020

How To Pick The Right Influencer Marketing Platform

BLOG | April 6th 2020

[The Trend Podcast Ep. 11] – eCommerce Strategies and Tips

BLOG | April 4th 2020

Content Creators vs Influencers - Similarities and Differences 

BLOG | March 23rd 2020

Not Sure What To Post On Instagram? 6 Ideas For Instagram Posts

BLOG | March 23rd 2020

[The Trend Podcast Ep. 10] – Ideas for Keeping Your Instagram Busy

BLOG | March 22nd 2020

[The Trend Podcast Ep. 9] – Coronavirus Impact on eCommerce

BLOG | March 19th 2020

[The Trend Podcast Ep. 8] – Influencer Marketing Expectations

BLOG | March 13th 2020

How Big Brands Won With UGC Marketing—And You Can, Too

BLOG | March 12th 2020

[The Trend Podcast Ep. 7] - Does Influencer Marketing Work?

BLOG | March 9th 2020

8 Smarter eCommerce Marketing Strategies That Aren’t PPC

BLOG | March 6th 2020

[The Trend Podcast Ep. 6] – Tips from the Best Shopify Stores

BLOG | February 29th 2020

5 Insane (But True) Influencer Marketing Case Studies

BLOG | February 27th 2020

[The Trend Podcast Ep. 5] – How Brands and Influencers Are Using UGC to Build Audiences

BLOG | February 21st 2020

What We’ve Learned From The 15 Most Successful Shopify Stores

BLOG | February 20th 2020

[The Trend Podcast Ep. 4] - The Story of a Zillion Beers and Mike Bloomberg's Run at Influencer Marketing with Memes

BLOG | February 15th 2020

Micro-influencers: The Key to Doing Influencer Marketing

BLOG | February 12th 2020

[The Trend Podcast Ep. 3] – Casper Goes Public, What’s Next?

BLOG | February 6th 2020

[The Trend Podcast Ep. 2] - What is a KOL and Why You Should Care

BLOG | January 29th 2020

[The Trend Podcast Ep. 1] – Everyday influencers and why they are key to your influencer marketing strategy

BLOG | January 9th 2020

Macro vs. Micro-influencers: Who’s Best for Your Campaign?

BLOG | December 18th 2019

User-Generated Content Starts with Influencer-Generated Content

BLOG | December 11th 2019

How Top DTC Brands Use Content to Build Audiences

BLOG | December 6th 2019

What's a KOL and What's Their Role in Influencer Marketing

BLOG | December 4th 2019

Influencer Networks Crucial in Post-Instagram Hiding Likes World

BLOG | November 25th 2019

Expect More User-Generated Content as Instagram Hides Likes

BLOG | November 16th 2019

How Instagram Removing Likes Will Affect Influencer Marketing

BLOG | August 27th 2019

Trend vs. AspireIQ

BLOG | July 25th 2019

So Who Exactly Are Lifestyle Influencers?

BLOG | July 18th 2019

DIFF Eyewear Marketing Strategy Breakdown

BLOG | July 18th 2019

Everyday Influencers and Why They Are A Must for Your Marketing Strategy

BLOG | June 18th 2019

Instagram Sponsorship Opportunities – How To Land Them

BLOG | May 17th 2019

How to Make Fashion Influencer Marketing Work For You

BLOG | May 14th 2019

Find Instagram Influencers: Strategies to discover Instagram influencers for your brand

BLOG | April 27th 2019

Direct To Consumer Marketing for CPG Brands

BLOG | April 27th 2019

The Ultimate Guide to User Generated Content

BLOG | April 27th 2019

Fashion Instagrammers Vs. Fashion YouTubers

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