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All Influencers work at a fixed price. No more price negotiations per influencer!

Campaigns start at $100

  • High-quality influencers
  • Fixed pricing for influencer posts
  • Request images, videos, and instragam stories
  • 100% rights to own & repurpose content
  • Campaign strategy meetings
  • Campaign analytics
  • Product shipment tracking
  • Content management portal
  • Fully featured iOS app & web tools
  • No more messy email! Message influencers within the platform
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Trend is designed to save your business time and money.
Here’s a look at what it would cost for you to accomplish
what Trend does without using our software.

Time spent searching for influencers
Employee cost of influencer communication
Cost of influencer database
Time spent organizing and managing campaigns
Budget for paying influencers
Cost of lost / stolen products
Total Cost of NOT using Trend

The answers to some questions you may have

The Trend community consists of thousands of talented, creative personalities that we hand-select and personally invite to join. Additionally, we carefully vet accounts to ensure they have real followers (not bots) based in the U.S, generate authentic engagement and produce high-quality photos. Because Trend strives to have unique, growing brands, they’re more than happy to strike partnerships based solely on product trade.

Trend was built for brands that are serious about taking it to the next level. More specifically, we help companies looking to build and strengthen brand awareness, drive traffic to their social channels and websites, generate world-class content, and increase sales.

Trend is an invite-only network of professional content creators. As such, we have a detailed onboarding process with each creator where we emphasize the importance of posting in a timely manner. Additionally, creators do not receive payment until their post has been approved by you in the app. In the rare case that someone does not post, we also reimburse you for the lost product and ban them from the platform.

First of all, great! We love brands that understand the importance of social media and the effort it takes to do it well. Trend is a powerful tool that will allow your team to do more in less time. They will be able to efficiently run multiple campaigns at scale while also freeing up time to focus on more long-term and strategic projects.

Great question! Trend allows you to create world-class content at scale, and we highly encourage brands to leverage it on their social channels, website, newsletters and, most importantly, ads. Content created through Trend continuously converts better than in-house ads. To learn more about how our content will boost your ad ROI visit https://trend.io/boosted-ad-roi/.

We’ve been pleased to work with leading companies like Lyft, REBBL, FabFitFun and Mark Cuban Companies.

We have worked with brands in most verticals, including beauty, fashion, food and beverages, home, and pets.