Our Goal

Empower All Creators.

Trend was designed with the creator in mind. We understand the reason you have the following you do is because you create truly engageing content with an authentic voice. Trend is an invite-only marketplace for you to work with brands you’re passionate about, while building your professional creative portfolio.

Earn over $300 cash per month, work with the worlds most reputable brands, get boxes full of free products, all while building your personal brand. Why purchase any of the great products on Trend when you can put your creative talent to work and get them for free?

Incredible opportunities
updated every week

Automatic payment upon
post approval

Track product shipments in the app
to help plan your post schedule

Develop your creative portfolio

Find partnerships by category that
align with your personal brand

Manage all of your partnerships
through your phone

Why Trend?

Work with the worlds hottest
brands. We present you with
opportunities to thrive as a creator.

On Trend you don’t get solicited with offers you’re not interested in. You apply for the jobs YOU want. This way you can ensure you’re creating content you know will resonate with your audience.


Apply For Partnerships

Browse the app for Brands and products you feel excited about promoting. Send a quick "one tap" application to the brand to let them know you're interested.


Receive Products

If selected for a campaign, the brand will send you whatever product it is they're looking to promote. Once the product arrives at your doorstep, it's up to you to get creative and take your photo.


Create - Post - Get Paid

Make your post on instagram promoting the product and upon brand approval, you'll immediately be sent cash for the job. Rinse and repeat with different brands or even the same brand again.

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