We pride ourselves
on the quality of
our network

“Trend allows us to always have a fresh stack of creative content to use across our website, social accounts, and ads. The Influencers are a pleasure to work with and always find ways to surprise us with what they can create.”

Daina Slekys Trout
CEO Health Ade Kombucha

You trust your friends more than strangers, right?

So do an Influencers’ followers. They pay attention to their every move from
what they buy and how they dress, to where they’re going and what they eat.
We will make you the talk of the town.

Every Influencer in our
network will drive results


Average Followers / Influencer


Average Likes / Post


Average Comments / Post

Now’s your turn to work with the real Trend-setters

Rather than you searching for them, our hand-selected influencers will
apply to work with you. This way you know they’re interested in your
brand and their message to their audience will be authentic.

You don’t pay influencers - We do that for you!

We’ve taken our time to build a network of creators
the right way. Whoever you work with on Trend is
100% guaranteed to create a quality post.

Rising Stars - the true
influencers of Instagram

Rather than working with one mass-reach influencer at a time, Trend found an efficiency in working with mid sized influencers at a higher volume. These rising stars create incredible content and have genuine audiences. This approach allows us to reach unique groups of people rather than the same audience over and over.

Brand relevant influencers
reach out to you.

Our influencers only apply to the campaigns that align with their personal brand image and audience. This saves you the time otherwise spent blindly reaching out to influencers uninterested in promoting your brand & products. It also means a more genuine post gets created.

Need scale? Trend can handle
serious campaign sizes

Our network has over 2,000 talented influencers to work with. We’ve pre-negotiated all payment terms with them, so all you have to do is select who you want to work with and get started. All influencer payments are handled by us.

Trend helps you reach your goals by getting the people to see,
talk and recommend your products. All of our influencers have
loyal audiences which is key to making the message feel a part of
conversation instead of a part of an advertisement.

Want to see it in action? Request a demo!

We’re happy to show off our products and to learn more about your needs to see how
Trend can be used for your goals. Schedule a time for us to talk below.