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Work with influencers to
create content that converts
viewers to customers

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Finding or creating content for
your ads is very difficult, time-
consuming, and costly. Trend
makes it easier and more
affordable than ever before.

Trend’s powerful software let’s you build and manage
your dream team of influencers to create posts that
generate real hype for your brand. The content created
on Trend can be repurposed to amplify your ads and
generate significantly more revenue.

How to use Trend to boost your ad performance

Collaborate with our hand-selected influencers to create content that you can repurpose
in your ads, social accounts, websites, newsletters and more. Trend makes it simple to
source custom brand-specific content and always have a fresh stack of creative at your
fingertips. The content created in Trend is designed to drive sales.

Work with your dream team of
influencer/content creators to
create instagram posts.
Work with your dream team of influencer/content
creators to create instagram posts.
Set a fire to your advertisements with
content built to connect with your
audience and drive real ROI.

How Well Does it Work?

Kettle & fire, an industry leading bone broth company, recently put their highest
performing piece of content up against a piece of content created on Trend for a
controlled test. The results of the test were crystal clear.

Return on Ad Spend
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Our hand-selected network is comprised of creators who
make truly professional content. Make their passion become
your benefit. Let us show you around the software today.

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