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[DTC POD Ep. 18] – Raphael Paulin-Daigle: How To Make Landing Pages That Convert Better And Generate More Sales

Podcast | Trend | May 20th 2020


Want to see even more ROI from influencer marketing? Start using landing pages for personas.

In this episode, Jay and Ramon are joined by guest Raphael Paulin-Daigle, Founder & CEO of SplitBase.

SplitBase specializes in building high-converting landing pages and strong on-site experiences for eCommerce brands.

With SplitBase’s experience in landing page optimization, Jay and Ramon join forces with Raphael to discuss how brands can get even more for their influencer marketing efforts using personas.

One-to-one marketing, or at least the idea of it, has become increasingly important as consumers have become tired of catch-all traditional advertising. Thus, brands have turned to user-generated content to break through stale advertising.

How do you dial in your marketing efforts even more?

By segmenting consumers into personas, and using that user-generated content to create an even push to the one-to-one marketing consumers are asking for.

We’ll discuss why traditional product pages aren’t the best place to send audiences and offer some suggested tools you can use to improve your conversion rate. We’ll also dive into why brands need to continue to optimize and how not doing so could result in you missing your maximum potential ROI.

If you are interested in using the tools that Raphael mentioned during the podcast, here are the links:



Shogun (Shopify app):

For more information on Raphael's company, SplitBase, visit:

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