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[DTC POD Ep. 29] – Founder Stories: SOUND Tea-Based Sparkling Beverages

Podcast | Trend | July 29th 2020


Here's a story about a beverage brand that's crushing it

In this episode, Jay and Ramon are joined by Salim Najjar, Co-Founder of SOUND.

SOUND is a beverage brand that sells tea-based sparkling beverages.

Salim is here to share his and his Co-Founder’s experience of starting SOUND.

Salim breaks down where the idea for SOUND came from, how they were able to crack retail, and how they are shifting to DTC during the pandemic.

In addition to covering the success story of SOUND, Salim also covers some of the challenges he’s faced and offers recommendations for founders to overcome challenges.

He provides insight on how others can break into retail, what goes into building a brand, and what’s next for SOUND!

To learn more about SOUND, visit:

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