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[DTC POD Ep. 30] – Founder Stories: Emmett Shine, Co-Founder of Pattern Brands

Podcast | Trend | August 5th 2020


Emmett Shine has worked with big brands like Quip, Harry, hims, and more. Now he's here to share his story on the DTC POD

In this episode, Jay and Ramon are joined by Emmett Shine, Co-Founder and Executive Creative Director at Pattern Brands.

Pattern (previously Gin Lane) creates purposeful brands that inspire you to learn, experiment, and enjoy.

Before Pattern, Emmett has worked with big brands such as Sweetgreen, Bonobos, Everlane, Harrys, Smile Direct Club, Shake Shack, Quip, hims and more.

In this podcast, Emmett sits down with us to share about what influenced him to create Pattern, his thoughts about building a brand, and how to build better relationships with customers.

Emmett also dives deep into relationship design and why it’s a strategy that he and his team lean into.

Additionally, we also hear about what Emmett envisions for the future of Pattern.

To learn more about Pattern, visit:

To see Pattern’s brands, visit:

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