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[DTC POD Ep. 11] – eCommerce Marketing Tips That Aren't PPC

Podcast | Trend | April 6th 2020


Pay-per-click shouldn't be your only eCommerce strategy

In this episode, Jay discusses marketing strategies for first-time and long-time eCommerce stores.

The eCommerce market is predicted to grow to $6.5 trillion over the next two years. A number which could be even higher as eCommerce sales soar due to the coronavirus.

As the market gets more competitive, it will be tougher for brands to keep, and grow their market share.

Many eCommerce marketers rave about running pay-per-click ads but that’s not the only way to grow your business. Having other strategies in place allows your brand a bigger safety net should PPC costs become too high.

We’re going to discuss strategies you can implement right now to grow and maintain your eCommerce store, and what to sell online if you’re trying to get started.

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