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[DTC POD Ep. 21] – A Look Inside eCommerce In China

Podcast | Trend | May 28th 2020


A deep dive into how differences have shaped China's eCommerce experience

In this episode, Jay and Ramon are joined by guest Arnold Ma, CEO and Founder of Qumin.

Quim is a people and experience business focused on China.

With Qumin’s experience in ecommerce and marketing in China, Jay and Ramon join forces with Arnold to discuss why marketing in China is so different than the approach brands take in the US.

eCommerce and influencer marketing has developed very differently in China than it has in the West. 

A focus on digital payments, livestream selling, and an increased value on peer opinions are just some of the major differences that exist in China vs the West.

Are these trends that will transfer over to the West, or are there other factors that will create a different evolution of eCommerce here?

We’ll take a look at social commerce in China, and how China’s lack of infrastructure for the desktop-era pushed brands and consumers to mobile.

We’ll also go in-depth on specific campaigns that Arnold and his team have completed, and why they had to take a different approach than what would work in the West. 

To learn more about Arnold’s company, Qumin, visit:

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