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[DTC POD Ep. 4] - How Zillion Beers and Mike Bloomberg Went Viral Through Influence

Podcast | Trend | February 20th 2020


We’re talking about Dana B’s Zillion Beers Barstool $1 million bet and Mike Bloomberg using meme accounts

In this episode, Jay and Ramon discuss two viral campaigns, Barstool Sports Zillion Beers and Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s meme campaign.

The Zillion Beers challenge started from Barstool employee named Dana tweeting about drinking a zillion beers while working.

Barstool’s president Dave Portnoy called out Dana and Dana responded by saying if he could sell $100k in merch that Dave would have to leave him alone and give him a cut.

That bet quickly turned into a $1 million bet for $100k. As of recording the podcast, Zillion Beers had sold $720k. That number is now up to over $1.5 million.

Our other story is how Mayor Mike Bloomberg decided to run meme ads through meme accounts on Instagram.

Bloomberg partnered with Jerry Media to create fake conversations with meme accounts that were then posted on popular meme pages.

Will Bloomberg’s risk pay off in the primaries? We discuss.

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