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[DTC POD Ep. 5] – User-Generated Content: Our Ultimate Guide On Acquiring, Leveraging, And Scaling UGC

Podcast | Trend | February 27th 2020


The best brands and influencers have a secret, it’s called UGC

In this episode, Jay and Ramon discuss user-generated content (UGC) and its role in building audiences for both brands and influencers.

Brands and influencers are always trying to create engaging content to grow their audiences. 

To create the most engaging content, brands and influencers have turned to user-generated content due to its authenticity and its ability to connect with audiences.

UGC is especially important for brands as it has been proven to be highly influential in the purchasing decisions of potential buyers.

Over 60 million images are posted to Instagram every day making one of the most scalable ways for brands to market products, recognize fans, and drive sales.

In this episode, we’ll discuss how to create and acquire great UGC, how users interact with UGC, and how brands can reuse UGC to scale their business.

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