Blog | September 10th 2020

[DTC POD Ep. 35] – Founder Stories: Joe Christensen, Founder & CEO of MCTco.

Here’s how a sales guy was able to quit his job and start a successful protein keto bar company.

In this episode, Jay and Jamie are joined by Joe Christensen, Founder & CEO of MCTco.

MCTco. is a protein keto bar snack company.

Joe is here to share his experience of starting MCTco.

Joe breaks down how he came up with the idea for MCTco.’s bars, what he had to learn to get started in the industry, and how he has had to reposition the brand.

We also spoke with Joe about the biggest challenges he has faced and what he wished he did sooner in his business.

Joe also mentions which brands have inspired and assisted him along with what’s next for MCTco.

To purchase products from MCTco., visit:

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